Poems and Words of Wisdom

*all works not from me are marked :-)*


Stupidly Simple

I threw a boomerang into the sky,
It didn't return, I know not why.

I wanted to learn, so I went to school,
and studied hard just like a fool.

I studied so hard my brain got numb,
and what I found out made me feel dumb.

The reason is simple, I do not jest,
the boomerang had got cought in a nest.

Dog gone mess

Here I sit so sad and downed,
because my dog had nearly drowned.

He jumped in the water chasing a bird,
the final splash was all I heard.

My dog forgot that he couldn't swim,
and it was 'bout dawn before I found him.

He had learned a lesson today,
that on the land is where he should stay.

If he stays away from the waters below,
into the same mess he will never go.

Just another Star

The sun shines bright, high in the sky,
everything and one, are in awe where they lie.

It's magnificent rays feed shrubs and trees,
it shines over mountains, and over all the seas.

It's light never ceases in the daylight hour,
it gives us life and abundant power.

Without the sun, there is nothing we could do,
we would all turn to ice, our skin to blue.

With all of the things in the air today,
we must clean it up, and right away.

Or the sun will vanish from it's place in the sky,
and everything and one, will eventually die.

The last word

As I sit confused and alone,
high upon my mighty throne.

I ponder on what death has in store,
for a mighty knight that is no more.

There's nothing left for this tired knight,
I don't have the strength for another fight.

I can't go higher, I've become the best,
now I will just sit, I've earned my rest.

Soon I will die and be left only bone,
and another young knight will claim my throne.

My final words are farwell to thee,
my last request, to be burried at sea.

The Trouble with Tacos

What's that smell, OH NO, I just farted,
all of my friends have now departed.

No one will ever come near me now,
'till this smell is lifted somehow.

I waved my hands, but that didn't work,
flapping my arms made me feel like a jerk.

I jumped up and down, it was here to stay,
with a thump to my knees, I started to pray.

With a loud voice someone said "WHAT THE HELL...",
and saw me pleading to get rid of the smell.

I finally got wize, and opened the door,
and away it sailed, to kill us no more.

Humor in the hills

There was a little cottage,
high up in the hills.
Where lived a little man,
with no modern frills.

A practical man was he,
especially with his jokes.
Allthough quite secluded,
he met with all the folks.

In the great town hall,
before the season began.
To moan, gripe, and complain,
boy the bull really ran.

The little man just sat,
rolling his beady eyes.
He gathered his wits,
and as about to rise.

He yelled without warning,
but with a sence of jest.
then he turned and left.

Feelings of fall

Up o'er the rooftops, like birds in the sky,
we twist and turn, through the air so high.

Down and arround, so smothly we flow,
soon we will lie on the ground below.

Through the noise and clatter of everyday life,
we see for a moment, work, toil, and strife.

But when, to the ground, we will finally rest,
we ring in all of the seasons best.

People stop and stare with a wonderous gaze,
at the colors we bring, and the best of the days.

A glance twords us, will releave some stress,
and allow a small moment to stop and rest.

Till the clammer and noise swings into high gear,
to ring in the end of another glorious year.

Speck of respect

The trees gently sway from the passing wind,
and as I sit here looking, concentrating, I can
not help but be in awe about the loveliness
and beauty of all that surrounds me.
Bluejays and sparrows caress the sky on tiny
pockets of air, the flowers in full bloom,
that surround my hard and calloused feet,
the way the land jently flows into
the blue sky above. The beauty of nature,
how pure and unchanging it can be. When
I am gone and burried, nature will still be;
for even "intelligent" guests of the earth
are limited to time, but the beauty and
serenity of nature's bounty will live forever
in this vast emptyness of space.

The last one

Over a small hill on the plentiful planes
of the forest, a single creature stands
drinking from a clear, flowing stream.
It's white magestical coat shines bright
as the sun. The main, like a waterfall,
flows over it's neck and catches the
bewildered eye of the viewer, as it takes
to flight. When I gaze upon this creature
I am grasped by an overwhelming feeling of
awe. The only thought that cources through
my mind is to try and reach it; but, alas,
the only way is in my dreams. Farewell
mighty creature, till my dreams bring us
together once more.

Oricle of hope *published*

Resting on a rock, my feet splashing
in the cool, friendly motion of a passing
stream. I start to ponder at the wonder
of life. Images of yore corce through my
weary head. Our lives are rittled with stories
of disease, war, strife, and unpleasent
things most would like to forget; yet, somehow,
here we are. Surviving, growing, leaning tword
a time of peace and hope. Glancing through
a tiny glimmer of light that streaches from our
past, like a beacon, to illuminate a possible
future, one free from the memories of the
past. Suddenly a feeling comes over me, as
if the hands of time are closing in. If we
don't jump free of it's grasp, we might just
find ourselves in the past, doomed to repeat
our mistakes for the rest of time.

Visions of wonder

As my eyes glaze over the grassy hillside
I am suddenly struck be a vision of pure
beauty. Hair like flowing fountains of
gold, eyes as blue as the purest of seas and
a face that would block even the most creative
of men. As the stun of her beauty starts to
subside I find myself walking ever closer to this
vision, and with a wonderous blast, as from a
sirens song, the sweet melody of her voice fills
my ears. Her spellbinding tune is soon joined
by the gleefull prancing of a lively dance.
Fighting my body and emotions to get even closer
I realise the women has vanished, and in a somber
cry I fall to the ground. Just then a thought
fills my weary head. Her voice calls to me, beckons
me to come closer. I gather the strength to rise
and climb to the top of the hill. When I finally
reach my destination a radiently white light streams
from the sky and engulfs me. I am suddenly relaxed
and feel the strength of her mind. Her power,
creativity, thoughtfullness, and being cource through
me like nothing I have ever experienced before, and as
I rest, I realise what true love is all about.


The utterly impractical, never predictable,
sometimes irracible quite inexplicable - Irish?

Strong blend of shyness, pride and conceit,
and stubborn refusal to bow to defeat.

They are spoiling and ready to argue and fight,
yet the smile of a child fills their heart with delight.

Their eyes are the quickest to fill up with tears,
yet their strength is the strongest to banish with fears.

Their hate is a fierce as their devotion is grand-
and there is no middle ground on which they will stand.

They are wild - yet gentle, they are good and bad.
They are proud - yet humble, they are happy and sad.

They are in love with the ocean, the earth and the skies,
enamored of beauty whereever it lies.

They are people of courage - people of the sod,
but mostly they are IRISH in love with their God.


Words of Wisdom

Just because someone has different views or beliefs then you doesn't meen that we are to shun them...on the contrary there is much to learn from those different from ourselves...so keep an open mind and a cheerful attitude and the future will be prosperous for everyone.
Life is what happens when Immagination meets reality.
A mind is only as strong as it's weakest thought.
Time is like a flowing river, it tends to smooth out the edges of life.
Life is a bowl of cherries, so learn to saver every bite.
When things look down and out lift up your head and shout "SCREW IT".
Everything has more then one point of view.
Reality is relative and subject to change.
Keep yourself open to new realities and your life will become richer.
Through the power of your mind all things are possible.
Keep open the possibility that "Size Doesn't Matter".
Life finds a way.
When it looks like all is lost, that's usually when things are found.
Darkness cannot exist without light.
For a true genius, Life is the only test.
Do not underestimate anything, for even under the tiniest pebble could be a pleasent supprise.
Strive to be calm, want to be free (in spirit) and all will come to you naturally. author unknown