Below are a list of sites and resources you might find interesting and useful. If you would like to add to this list please contact us with the information.

Style Scout Co. { SSCo. } (external link)
a unique full-service design, planning and production company that elevates ordinary styling projects into highly creative, extraordinary collaborations – drama-free, designed fresh just for you. Celebrating all things style, from prop design, custom decor, faux painting, retail display, holiday display to set design. Need to breathe new life or create a new look for your home, retail display, or product line? SSCo. can help!

Special HTML character codes
A listing of codes used in HTML coding to represent special characters such as an em dash, quotes or even Greek letters.

HTML Status Codes
List and explanation of the more common HTML error codes users might see.

Unix rights
An explination of the numbers used in setting the rights for files and folders used in Unix type systems and servers.

Poems and Words of Wisdom
A little collection of poems and words of wisdom